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PhotoPhoto:  Point NepeanThe central region of the Victorian coast spans 500 kilometres, from Breamlea to Inverloch. It is backed by hinterland catchments of 1.6 million hectares. The region is highly urbanised with Melbourne and Geelong, at the heart of the region, having a combined population of over 4 million. Some of the valued uses of the coast include residential areas, coastal and water-based recreation, tourism, major and local ports, fishing and industry.

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Balancing planning for and management of coastal use and development is increasingly challenging particularly given the need for adaptation to climate change.

The region also contains many significant natural values including landscapes, terrestrial and marine ecosystems and species of flora and fauna. The Central Coastal Board works with stakeholders and communities to protect and inform about significant coastal and marine values.




1. Regional Coastal Action Plan 
In response to a direction from the Minister for Environment and Climate Change the three regional coastal boards are working together to develop new Regional Coastal Action Plans (CAPs). The Framework for the CAPs is being prepared in collaboration with the Victorian Coastal Council and the Department of Environment and Primary Industries and outlines the important role that the CAPs will play in translating and implementing the new Victorian Coastal Strategy 2014 at the regional level. 

2. Planning for Recreational Boating in the Central Region
A five year review, as required under the Coastal Management Act 1995, was completed for the Boating CAP this year. However, in light of  the Minister's Directive for regional coastal boards to develop  Regional CAPs, the Boating CAP has not been revised.

The CCB prepared a Recreationasl Boating Facilities Framework (RBFF) to update information in the existing Boating CAP and transition to the Regional CAP. The RBFF will be on the CCB website in early 2014.

Work undertaken as part of the RBFF process includes an updated market and demand analysis for recreational boating in the region (LINK -this file is currently in section on updating the Boating CAP) and an update of the Boating Service Levels Index which provides an overview of the condition of each boating facility (this will be available on the website as volume 2 of the RBFF).

Five workshops were held across the region to consider some of the issues facing recreational boating and what has changed since the 2007 Boating CAP.  A draft summary report from these sessions can be found here.

3. Annual Report 2012-13
Please find here the latest Annual Report by the Central Coastal Board.

Acknowledgement of Country and Indigenous Australians
The Central Coastal Board respectfully acknowledges the original custodians of what is now known as Victoria; their rich culture, deep affinity with the land and spiritual connection to it.